Looking to make a decision and need my insight for just an hour?

One and Done Hours are for you if you need a quick one-time strategy session about a specific topic.

• Maybe you've lost confidence or your perspective about something in your business.  

• Maybe you're considering adding a new product or service and want to bounce your idea off an experienced business owner.

• Maybe you want help in deciding on your pricing and packaging for services.

Whatever it is, we'll spend an hour together and you'll leave with decisions made and a short-term plan.


Sue will review your completed questionnaire before our meeting and be prepared to jump  right in.

What satisfied consulting clients say....

I needed clarity and an honest opinion on a business I am considering. I got both as well as some great ideas and an assessment of the skills I would need to develop to make my venture work. I love that I received an honest, straightforward opinion, but could still tell that she cared about me and my success. Sue definitely knows her stuff and I look forward to working with her again soon!

Diane Allen 

I wanted to send a quick "thank you" for our session earlier this year. It got me out of my head and the results have been incredible.

Sandy Martini  themartiniway.com

I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. You helped me clear out the clutter and gave me some great ideas. I appreciate all your help. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Shonda Taylor

The fine print

• You must use your One and Done session within 30 days of purchase. One and Dones are intended for an emergent need, so if you don't have a need to consult with me right now, do not purchase this.

• One and Done sessions are are one-time purchase. If we've done this before and you need ongoing support please contact me (sue@confidentmarketer.com) before purchasing.

• STOP! If you are a member of my CEO Circle Community email me to set your consulting hour with your exclusive rate directly. 

About Sue Painter

A serial entrepreneur since 1998, Sue is the founder of The Confident Marketer. She has worked with small business owners from the United States to Africa, providing her quick insight, marketing expertise, and brand clarity. 
Sue is a certified Book Yourself Solid coach, a published author,a sought-after business coach, and a successful business owner. Besides The Confident Marketer, Sue leads a boutique travel planning company. She is married to her college sweetheart, Bill. Sue consults with her clients no matter where she and Bill are traveling. She is known for her quick insight, straight shooting honest advice, humor, and wisdom.